3d printing sugar

At the start of this year I took delivery of a professional grade 3d printer.
My original idea was to fill it up with commercial powder and start running a 3d print service.

Due to various reasons I decided not to do that and instead looked into printing with sugar instead.
This was also fuelled along by my interest in cake decorating.
Now you can print you cake and eat it too!

So I thought, I have the time, the machine and the experience, Just give it a go.

The recipes I started with were based on an opensource recipe though quickly discovered that what works in one place does not work in another. There are to many variables that come into play. type of sugar, crystal size, clumping, readily available stocks etc.
Therefore I invested a lot of time into researching and developing my own sugar based powder and a binder agent that would hold the printed sugar together.

With my efforts so far and with the help from food scientists, chemists and engineers the system is getting better and better.

The following blog shows my process which will be up’s  and down’s  as I fine tune the system and learn a lot along the way.
I hope you enjoy my work.





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