Square is boring

“Coffee with 2 senseo’s please”.

Recently I was sitting in a local cafe enjoying my French press when I got talking with one of the employees about what I 3dprint in sugar.
This gave me an idea and told them I would be back with a little present.

Well this is it, mini espresso machines that they could use as sugar cubes.

This has already spun off into many other designs that you could potentially use as an alternative to square and boring sugar cubes.
Next time you go looking at that new car wouldn’t it be great if you would get and miniature version of that same car that you were looking at as you sugar cube. I might not remember that sales guys name but I would definitely remember where you got that awesome sugar car!

I am working towards making this a reality so if you  want to test out your sugar cube idea, drop me a line.
Man I have a sweet job.


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