High Speed Love

The recent Extrema Outdoors 2014 dance festival, 3dChef teamed up with Stv visuals to create some stunning visual effects.
The effects were used throughout the performers set as a part of the days ongoing show and visual spectacle that one would expect at events like these. But these were no ordinary effects.

3dChef used the artists names and printed them in sugar blocks.

Using a high speed camera at up to 2000 frames a second  the prints were subjected to fire and water and recorded the transformation from solid to liquid in crystal clear definition. The footage was then reversed to create the growth effect. “The reality was it only took 2 second for the sugar prints to disappear and dissolve which is exactly what we wanted”.

The response to this new way of producing effects has been overwhelming.
The results speak for themselves.

3dchef_extrema festival netsky 3dchef_stv visuals 3dchef_extrema festival zeds dead 02 3dchef_extrema festival dillion francis 3dchef_extrema festival xo 3dchef_extrema festival04 3dchef_extrema festival 3dchef_extrema festival03









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