What tastes your fancy

3dchef taste test03

In the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of research and development in the taste and flavour department for my 3d Sugar Printer.
Armed with my trusty 3d printed sugar London buses I hit the road with a variety of flavours to test your taste buds.
At first people were unsure if they could really eat a 3d printed candy but once they got over it let’s just say I am happy I can run faster then they could. They were flying out of the bowl!
What is great you can play with peoples minds and perceptions of what they expect to taste and what they actually receive.

Starting with the basic Peppermint I have also tested, apple, toffee apple, strawberry, watermelon, vanilla, lime, orange, passion fruit & Speculoos.

3dchef taste test04

I can even print different flavours in the same piece for the sweet and sour effect.

The responses were very positive.

Next up: Colour, stay tuned.

3dchef taste test


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