Trick or tr-EAT

With Halloween just around the corner I thought whats better than some Halloween themed cakes and decorations.

The Halloween decorations are all 3d printed in our unique sugar 3d printer and atop a naked orange vanilla sponge with chocolate ganache icing and hidden chocolate blocks.
If you like what we are creating you can order our skulls and pumpkins.
See below for details.



The Pumpkin was designed around LED candle which gives it this great flickery feel and looks great in the evening.



The skull and cross bone cake is simply a chocolate sponge with a white chocolate butter cream frosting with draped black fondant.
Normally I would tuck the fondant under but I do like the ghostly feel it adds.
Using our sugar 3d printer we created the skulls and cross bones, they look great.



Would you like to order a decorated cake or Halloween decorations?

Well now you can.
You can order the mini Skulls.

They are 2.40 euro each incl. btw + postage.
We can also print larger skulls and the Pumpkins (15 euro) though these can only be picked up and not shipped.
Its is still sugar and are fragile but we are working on it.

For cakes please contact us.

For a exact replica of the Pumpkin cake we can offer it for 65 euro incl btw. Pickup only.
We are located in Tilburg, The Netherlands.



Splashed with mentholated spirits the skulls look at home.

The skull model used is the Celtic skull from Artec (3D scanners).
We made it solid and increased thedeatil depth in the mini models.



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