Express Chocolate

In the run up to Christmas 2014  I was showing off our 3d printed sugar designs to a local patisserie, Govert van Nunen. The lead chocolatier, Marco Zonnenburg loved what is possible but mentioned what they really needed at the time was fast chocloate molds.

I responded, we can do that to. And we did.

3dchef choc mold 06

In a strange twist of events it seems we stumbled upon a new market for us.

3dchef choc mold 05

Custom chocolate molds are generally expensive with long lead times.

We custom designed ours, produced and delivered 50 molds in 10 days.
At a fraction of the standard delivery time and costs.

Do you need fast custom chocolate molds for your clients then contact us.

3dchef choc mold 04 3dchef choc mold 02




2 responses to “Express Chocolate

  1. Nice, funny thing is just yesterday i was looking into something similar, are you using a vaccum former for the molds? Nice job as usual!

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