3D Printed candy for Ca World14

In October 2014 we were contacted by WIRED, special projects for an evening event they were putting together for CA Technologies, A night of innovation. Held in Las Vegas in December as apart of their CA World14 event.

WIRED’s request was to design and produce no less than 1000 3D printed candies as give a way for this event and show off what is possible for the future of 3D printed food and confectioneries.

We accepted this challenge and set about figuring out what would suit such an event, make it different from other molded candies and be unique.

What we settled on were vehicles. Iconic shapes that most people would recognise and could associate with.
A VW Bus, BMW, US Postal truck and a muscle car.

3dchef wired 03

Each design was fully 3D. All were 3D printed, packaged and shipped successfully.

3dchef wired 02

The event allowed 3dchef the opportunity to showcase our work to over 5,000 leading decision-makers and industry influencers of software and technology companies globally.
The production tested our process to the max and we came out the other side with our spirits high proving once again that 3D printed candies have a future.

3dchef wired 010
Above: Chris Anderson, the Former editor in Chief of WIRED Magazine enjoying our 3D printed Candy

3dchef wired 06

3dchef wired 09

3dchef wired 05

3dchef wired 011


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