Sitting Pretty

3dchef Eric van straaten 02

On the weekend of 31-1st Feb 2015, 3dChef was invited to showed off some of our work at 3D Proefpark winter edition in Haarlem, NL.
It was a really successful food event with almost 10,000 individual visitors. Combining indoor and outdoor areas of Food trucks, Bars and entertainment it was a really great day.
We had the prime position between the two areas that worked really well and allowed us to make some new friends and fans of our work. Thanks 3D Proefpark.

3dchef proefpark02
The day also allowed us to show off this printed model by Haarlem resident artist Eric van Straaten which sat beautifully upon this cake surrounded by pink roses. Eric’s sculptures are know for there Hyper realness boarding on creepy. Personally I am not really a fan but I will let you make up your own mind. For us it was more about can we even print such a sculpture. Well the result speaks for itself.

3dchef Eric van straaten close01

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