I think this is an absolute classic and definitely needs to be on here.

3dchef everything-bot

Over the weekend my 4 year old daughter said to Mum that we wants Dad to help her build an everything machine. My wife said OK, what is that?

She responded “It’s a machine that can make everything”.

As this was not impressive enough she went on to say that the machine has a eye on the front which is a sensor. That’s right a sensor!, which can scan cards with pictures on them it make that thing for you”.


She then drew what this machine would look like for me to help her construct it and in true management leadership she directed while I built.

3dchef everything-bot plans

During construction she said we needed motors and the things that are inside computers!
Clearly she has been hanging around Dad to much.

3dchef everything-bot PCB

3dchef everything-bot construction

Amazement aside, I think she’s on to something.

Introducing the EVERYTHING-BOT.

3dchef everything-bot orange






2 responses to “EVERYTHING-BOT 3D printer

  1. This is soo awesome Julian! I also have a 4 yo and we’ve made a ton of stuff but not an everything machine yet! Really sweet!

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