3d printed lemon Meringue tart

As 3dChef works towards launching our services we have been busy creating recipes that incorporate our 3D printed components to create unique experiences.

This is one of them.
Desert for 1, a mini lemon meringue tart.

3dChef lemon meringue
We set out to make each part of this dish in a way that requires all the parts work together to get the full taste and experience in eating this tart to come out. Individually though nice can pack a bit of a punch. For instance the lemon curd cream is very tart as it contains no sugar, though with the sugar meringue crown is sublime.

Piping the lemon curd filling onto a pre-cut circle biscuit base and finishing it off with the 3d printed sugar meringue crown.

I love lemon meringue and this did not disappoint.

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