These candies suck.

June 2015, 3dChef was invited to present during a Philips suppliers day with reference to 3d printing at the High Tech Campus location in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. At what started out as more of a gimmick than the other companies and presentations we really stole the show.

3dchef vacuum Philips web

Their brief was simple. Could you print out something Philips related.
We decided to create Philips Brand pops with vacuum cleaners, light bulbs, Airfryers and a Philips medical MRI machine all as a bite sized treat. “Suck on that”.

3dChef philips 07

Added to this we were also creating mint choc balls as part of our culinary 3D printing experience.
The 3D printed mint shape with a chocolate mouse center was a winner.

3dChef Philips choc-mint Spoons

We managed to snap a few willing models too.

3dChef Philips 06 3dChef Philips 01 3dChef Philips 05

3dChef Philips light bulb sugar cube

Thanks Philips.

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