Spectacular SpeculooS

3dChef is printing edible designs in Speculoos that have to been seen to believe.
Many have used peanut butter, Nutella or chocolate, this ingredient beats all 3.

3dChef windmill printing web

A few weeks ago they started 3D printing in Speculoos cookie butter just by chance.
3dChef was preparing for a project for their friends at PwC (Price waterhouse Coopers) when they were informed that Lotus, the makers behind the famous cookie butter spread were sponsoring the event.

With this in mind 3dChef started to adjust their line up for the upcoming event.
In previous events they were using cookies as the substrate to 3D print onto and maintain the easy fun food concept. While on a culinary journey, AKA doing the shopping they saw the best of both worlds.
Lotus Speculoos spread or Biscoff spread.

“Perfect, lets not print on a cookie, lets print the cookie!”- Julian Sing.JOHN_STAPELS-5595 web
Image: © John Stapels. The Desert treat created for PwC event.

Its also a perfect taste for the current season leading up to Christmas and the festive holidays.
Many enjoy Nutella & peanut butter but Speculoos just has that Mmmmm factor.

For those in the ingredients world 3dChef will be 3D printing Speculoos in collaboration with CALDIC during the Fi Europe Food Ingredients Expo in Paris 1-3rd Decemeber, Stand E104.
Come and see us and try some 3D printed Speculoos.




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