About 3Dchef

3dChef is a Dutch based B2B focused innovation company in the field of 3d printed food production and development.

We began this journey with the development of a printer that produces 3d models using sugar with intricate details. This direction is our current main focus. Working together with leading confectionery companies to develop next generation candies, sweets and decorative decorations for the pastry industry.

Alongside sweets we also conduct research and development into other potential food sorts and develop technology in order to do so.

3dChef is a combination of our professional lives in Additive manufacturing, Biology and UI design with those of our hobbies as cooks and pastry chefs.

Do you already work in the food industry and wonder if 3d printed food is your answer or are you simply curious about this emerging industry and would like to experience it further.

3dChef has the tools and the knowledge to help you.

Please contact us for more information.


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